Painting - Cat in the Shadows

My name is Des Connor.  This website presents my art and ideas.

I have been working at creating art for a lifetime. My aim has tended towards looking for iconic images; images that may contain something of the eternal mystery of our existence.

What is visual art today? Ever since Marcel Duchamp exhibited a urinal, anything is called art!

However, we still want something that moves us. We still want something that is an aesthetic meditation on life and not just an intellectual exercise.

There is a trend in contemporary art for content and rationale to dominate the aesthetics. There is a belief that as long as the rationale is interesting in some ironic, "pushing the envelope", or meaningfully connected way, then this is the quality of the work. As well, contemporary art seems to have a liking for the grotesque image, a meaningless attempt at originality and at being in the avant garde.

I believe that the meaning and effect of a work comes through the aesthetics in some mysterious way, and only when this works, will the art become an enjoyed and treasured icon.

Art is about engaging the eye and the mind to maximum effect in long term communication.

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